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Whether you buy our Quality Natural Australian Made Skincare, Hand Made Fine Oil Perfumes, Wild Crafted or Pure Essential Oils and Blends, Natural Skin or Pain Relief Products, You will receive 10% of every product purchase you make, every-time you make a purchase.

You will also get paid from all the people you introduce to the M.Y.O.S. Rewards Program. Just share your Rewards Member Referral Link with them and their purchases will show up in your MYOS Rewards Account too. There is no minimum purchase or qualifying to do either. Once the transactions have been processed and approved, they will be deposited into your PayPal or Bank Account on the 15th of the following month. it’s that simple!


Level Team Sales of $100 % Commissions Total
introduce who spend $100
you get 10% earnings amount
1 5 500 10% $50 $50
2 25 2500 10% $250 $300
3 125 12500 10% $1250 $1550
4 625 62500 10% $6250 $7800
Total 780 78000 50% Monthly $7800.00


Within 7 – 12 month of introducing only 5 people who share the products with five others who did the same your income could be well over $7,000 each and every month.



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(see graph below for details).


Level Team Sales of $100 % Commissions Total
Introduce who spend $100
you  get 10% earnings amount
1 10 1000 10% $100 $100
2 100 10,000 10% $1000 $1100
3 1000 100,000 10% $10,000 $11,100
4 10,000 1,000,000 10% $100,000 $111,000
Total 11,110 1,111,000 50% Monthly $111,000

What’s in it for YOU?

M.Y.O.S. Rewards Club provides you with all the tools and content you will ever need to drive visitors and sales to your online store. Every Sale you instigate will earn you 10% of the Total Sale. That’s up to 50% of the total sales paid directly to you, on all sales of up to 4 levels deep.

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Join the M.Y.O.S. Rewards Program Today!

join the MYOSTORE Business Opportunity and Get Paid to Work at Home




Free Money Just to Shop

Been using MYOS Rewards for a while now and am always happy to get money back every time i make a purchase. I’ve saved hundreds now on the products i got and am very happy.

~Terrence Hill

Money for Jam

I have earned over $1000 from MYOS Rewards now, it’s a great reward site and i get paid for product sales i refer. Couldn’t recommend it enough.

~John Spencer


Giving Back and Helping Aussies on the Gold Coast.

We will be donating a % of the total sales online to our Local Charities – we are helping to give back to the homeless on the streets of the Gold Coast and the disadvantaged. Every Purchase you Make Helps Locals on the Coast Doing it Hard.